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  1. Louis Ng 1:1
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    Member of Parliament, Louis Ng

    Nee Soon GRC MP, Louis Ng on welcoming naysayers, ministerial salaries and his journey in politics. 
  2. K Shanmugam and NPC officers

    Without an outstanding public service, Singapore won't be what it is: Shanmugam

    The Home Affairs Minister cites a new survey, which he says reflects the "extraordinary level of faith and trust" Singaporeans have in the police ...
  3. Free-ranging chickens

    Culling of free-ranging chickens will only be done as 'last resort': MND

    The culling of 24 free-roaming chickens at Sin Ming ignited public debate earlier this month.
  4. stock elderly 01

    Higher re-employment age passed into law in Singapore

    The change is among amendments to the Retirement and Re-employment Act passed in Parliament on Monday (Jan 9).
  5. Diabetes Resource Centre Nee Soon

    Diabetes Resource Centre opens in Nee Soon

    Residents can visit the centre to do their own health checks, such as taking their blood pressure, or checking their eye sight.