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  1. U.S. President Trump holds press briefing on the U.S. economy at the White House in Washington

    NFL: Trump slams Washington Redskins as team re-evaluates name

    U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the Washington Redskins for reviewing their team name on Monday, as top retailers continued to pull the NFL ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Kaepernick is seen at a special training event at Charles. R. Drew High School in River

    Kaepernick signs production deal with Disney, ESPN for life documentary series

    ESPN Films will produce a documentary series about the life of civil rights activist and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as part of a ...
  3. The NFL logo is pictured at an event in the Manhattan borough of New York City

    Google, NFL latest to call for Juneteenth commemorations

    Google and the National Football League have joined a growing list of U.S. private sector organizations choosing to commemorate June 19th, the ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Former Superbowl champion quarterback Joe Montana poses in Toronto

    On this day: Born June 11, 1956 - Joe Montana, American football player

    Getting agreement on the greatest NFL player of all-time may be a lost cause but it would be hard to argue that anyone was more consistently ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Born on May 31, 1943: Joe Namath, American football quarterback

    On this day: Born May 31, 1943 - Joe Namath, NFL quarterback

    Bringing movie star charisma on and off the field and a cannon arm that propelled his team to an almost unthinkable Super Bowl upset, quarterback ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Born on May 7, 1933: Johnny Unitas, NFL quarterback

    On this day: Born May 7, 1933: Johnny Unitas, NFL quarterback

    Johnny Unitas has been described as the first modern quarterback but he is also an early reminder of the physical price that many pay for their ...