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  1. Notre-Dame in Paris

    'No risk' of lead poisoning from Notre-Dame, assures Paris

  2. The rubble-strewn interior of Notre Dame a month after the April 15 fire

    French MPs agree Notre-Dame restoration as controversy swirls

  3. FILE PHOTO: A view shows a damaged section of Notre-Dame Cathedral, a week after a massive fire dev

    Notre-Dame of Paris to celebrate first mass since fire

  4. A view shows Notre-Dame Cathedral

    Young, pregnant urged to take blood tests for lead after Notre-Dame fire

    The Paris health authorities have urged children and pregnant women living around Notre-Dame cathedral to have the levels of lead in their blood ...
  5. Notre-Dame net

    Race on to cover Notre-Dame as rainclouds gather over Paris

    Climbers were brought in on Tuesday (Apr 23) to unfurl protective tarpaulins over Notre-Dame to protect it from the rain after the Parisian ...
  6. A view shows Notre-Dame Cathedral after a massive fire devastated large parts of the gothic structu

    Commentary: The Notre-Dame the world needs

    The power of Notre-Dame to affect us goes beyond any intrinsic architectural worth, says Yale-NUS College Professor Jane M Jacobs.
  7. Notre Dame cathedral

    Debate over future Notre-Dame spire fuels French divisions

  8. Donors have already pledged hudreds of millions of euros for restoration

    Commentary: After Notre-Dame’s raging fire - hope, generosity and rebuilding

    The Paris icon’s shocking fire has led many in Europe to come together and should spark the kind of political rallying around Macron’s ...
  9. A view of the cross and sculpture of Pieta by Nicolas Coustou in the background of debris inside No

    Macron vows to rebuild a 'more beautiful' Notre-Dame in five years