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  1. NRIC 01_mod

    Collection of NRIC details: Security, building management providers grapple with costs, time needed to change

    Most cite the costs needed to upgrade existing verification systems as a key consideration ahead of the September 2019 deadline to stop collecting ...
  2. NRIC 01_mod

    FAQ: When should you show your NRIC - and when not?

    From Sep 1 next year, companies can only ask for your NRIC number if required by the law or if necessary to prove your identity.
  3. NRIC 02_mod

    Organisations have to stop unnecessary collection of NRIC details from September 2019

    The only exceptions are if the collection, use or disclosure of NRIC is required by law, or deemed necessary to accurately verify one’s identity ...
  4. NRIC 2

    Optional re-registration of NRICs for those born before 1962

    Citizens and permanent residents born before 1962 were not covered in the mandatory re-registration of NRIC at age 55, which came into effect on ...