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  1. Oscar Saxelby-Lee (2)

    ‘Our little miracle’: British boy who came to Singapore for treatment for aggressive cancer heads home

    Before he left the UK for Singapore more than six months ago, doctors told Oscar Saxelby-Lee’s family he had no treatment options left. Now in ...
  2. Oscar Saxelby-Lee in Singapore (3)

    British boy, 5, in Singapore for experimental treatment for 'uncontrollable' cancer

    Oscar Saxelby-Lee has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - an aggressive cancer that has rejected all forms of treatment. The five-year-old from the UK ...
  3. Lin Hanwei and Lin Dilun

    'Extraordinary heroes': Brothers donate their organs to strangers, 7 years apart

  4. yvonne chan and her father casey chan

    When it's life or death: Family members donate livers to relatives despite risks

    While the Human Organ Transplant Act is designed to reduce the waiting time for people who need a transplant, doctors say there are typically up ...
  5. New Content Item

    'We live on tenterhooks': Parents of children with peanut allergies on how they cope with the condition

    Parents tell us they face difficulties dining out and also having to explain the severity of their children's allergic reaction to others. Doctors ...