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  1. Stephen Hawking

    Hawking's nurse struck off over care failings

  2. Hawanatu Conteh, a nurse at Connaught Hospital, tends to a patient while the hospital's doctor

    Sierra Leone doctors strike over conditions, nurses may follow

    Doctors in Sierra Leone's public hospitals were on strike on Wednesday to protest against low wages and poor working conditions, and nurses said ...
  3. New Content Item

    Utah cop who arrested nurse over blood draw fired from second job

  4. home care

    Commentary: Don't let caring for the dying become a burden on the living

    We should spare more thought into helping our palliative care practitioners deal with the challenges of caring for the terminally ill, for they ...
  5. New Content Item

    London terror attack: The victims

    The death toll from the weekend attack in London that saw three assailants mow down people on a bridge and then go on a stabbing spree rose to ...
  6. Marawi 1

    As Philippine battle takes its toll on civilians, citizens show best face of humanity

    As the Marawi conflict takes its toll on civilians, it is ordinary citizens who show the best face of humanity during trying times.
  7. Suction cap

    Maid jailed for ill-treating bedridden boy has sentence doubled to 8 months

    The maid is being punished not for being ignorant or unskilled, but for her "cold disregard of the child's safety and suffering which must have ...
  8. New Content Item

    GPs can apply to join Primary Care Networks scheme from April

    Under the scheme, MOH will provide funding and administrative support to GPs to form virtual networks and deliver care as multi-disciplinary teams ...
  9. SMRT baby saved

    Child who turned blue saved by quick actions of SMRT staff

    Station manager William and assistant manager Kuldip have been praised for their public-spiritedness and courage after helping a young boy who had ...
  10. free health screening

    Pilot scheme to encourage GPs to join team-based care to be expanded

    This is part of a slew of efforts announced by the Health Ministry in Parliament on Thursday (Mar 9) to strengthen primary and community care ...