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  1. Illustration obesity

    Teen obesity tied to increased risk of pancreatic cancer

  2. women exercising stretching in a fitness class

    Commentary: Exercise, not diet, is the key to weight loss

    One reason why exercise gets a bad reputation is too many looking to lose weight place limits on how much they exercise, says one observer.
  3. There were 74 million obese children and teenagers in the world in 2016, up from six million in 1975

    Childhood obesity tied to severe hip disorder

  4. woman eating burger and drinking coke

    Commentary: Just because you're thin doesn't mean you're healthy

    Your diet, not your body weight, is the best indicator of internal well-being, says one observer.
  5. Two fat men fighting.

    Commentary: Why are we so afraid to talk about obesity?

    I just don’t understand why, in addressing the subject of body image, we must now use jargon designed to obfuscate the issues, says one observer ...
  6. To match Feature OBESITY/

    Maternal obesity linked to complications in newborns

    Babies born to obese mothers are more likely to face complications as newborns, even if the mother doesn't have high blood pressure or diabetes, a ...
  7. Obesity (1)

    Commentary: We are powerless to resist the lure of sinful food

    Sin taxes are unlikely to solve obesity as they do not change people's behaviour, but technology can - by helping us commit to eating healthy ...
  8. A passenger walks through Baker Street Underground station in central London

    London mayor wants fast-food ad ban on transport network

  9. Black pepper

    Black pepper can help fight obesity, strengthen bones: Study

  10. Grandmothers chat as they take care of their grandchildren on a street in Xiangfan

    Commentary: In defence of indulgent grandparents who help raise grandchildren

    Grandparents play a positive role in their grandchildren’s welfare, even if they do serve ice cream for breakfast, says the Financial Times’ Emma ...