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  1. The 30-year-old female orangutan was found severely wounded in Aceh province last Sunday after

    Orangutan recovers after shot with 74 airgun pellets in Indonesia

    An orangutan is slowly recovering after being shot with 74 airgun pellets in Indonesian, an official said Saturday.
  2. Dhiren Makvana gets his moustache trimmed similar to the one sported by Indian Air Force pilot Abhi

    Hair of the dogfighter: Indian pilot's moustache all the fashion

    Men across India, stirred into patriotic passion by an air force pilot shot down in a dogfight with arch-rival Pakistan, are copying the facial ...
  3. Kaeomanee Arjaw, (C), is escorted by her daughter (2nd R) and Thai Immigration Police

    Lost in China: Thai with dementia returns home after 640km detour

  4. man who got triangle patches on both sides of his head after showing picture with play button

    Chinese barber shaves 'play button' triangle into man's head

  5. cash falls from sky in Hong Kong

    Man arrested over cash tossed on Hong Kong street: Reports

  6. A cloud of money bursts from the top of a building on Fuk Wa Street

    Money rains down on Hong Kong neighbourhood, causing frenzy