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  1. man who got triangle patches on both sides of his head after showing picture with play button

    Chinese barber shaves 'play button' triangle into man's head

  2. Yusaku Maezawa is chief executive of Japan's largest online fashion store and is the 18th

    Japan billionaire says 'free cash' tweet most shared of all time

    Billionaire Japanese tycoon and future space tourist Yusaku Maezawa said Monday his tweet promising a cash giveaway of nearly $10,000 was the most ...
  3. cash falls from sky in Hong Kong

    Man arrested over cash tossed on Hong Kong street: Reports

  4. A cloud of money bursts from the top of a building on Fuk Wa Street

    Money rains down on Hong Kong neighbourhood, causing frenzy

  5. "Snickers", a Portuguese Water Dog breed, stands on rubber tyres as his brother "Pea

    Paws for breath: India's pampered pooches get clean air as people choke on smog

    While most residents of the Indian capital Delhi choked on toxic air this week, the dogs of the city's elite were enjoying ambient music and ...
  6. Collage showing a wanted suspect and US actor David Schwimmer

    Friends' David Schwimmer lookalike identified by police