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  1. sop kaki kambing nivell
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    Sop kaki kambing with goat’s eyes, ears and brain? We tried it - here's our verdict

    Sop kaki kambing, or goat's leg soup, is a much-loved dish in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta - along with other parts of the goat, including ...
  2. Singapore ant shop Just Ants
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    Fancy ant-keeping as a hobby? This ant collector in Singapore left his job to open an ant shop | Video

    Are ants pets or pests to you? Meet John Ye, the man behind Just Ants, arguably Singapore's first bricks-and-mortar shop dedicated to the tiny ...
  3. Japanese designer Takahiro Shibata's poses for a photo at a park in Yokohama

    Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses

    Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata's glasses are fogging up because of his face mask - a problem familiar to many spectacles wearers during the ...
  4. A dog owner with her dog passes near a flower stand on a weekly market in Berlin

    New dog walking rule in Germany leave owners scratching their heads

    A new rule forcing Germans to take their dog for a walk twice a day has unleashed a debate on whether the state can decide what is best for the ...
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    Quid pro quo: Latin phrase dominates US impeachment process

    "Quid pro quo." There's no escaping the Latin phrase in America right now.