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  1. sop kaki kambing nivell
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    Sop kaki kambing with goat’s eyes, ears and brain? We tried it - here's our verdict

    Sop kaki kambing, or goat's leg soup, is a much-loved dish in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta - along with other parts of the goat, including ...
  2. Woman prying open MRT doors

    Woman attempts to pry open MRT doors after missing train

    A woman attempted to pry open the doors of an MRT train after she successfully forced her way through the closing platform doors on Monday (Aug ...
  3. Snails participating in the racing World Championships in Congham, England

    Ready, steady, slow: Snails slug it out at racing world championship

  4. A yellow vest protester at one of the March protests in Montpellier, southern France

    Yellow vests, red shirts and other protest outfits

    High-visibility yellow vests that drivers must have in their cars in case of emergency are the chosen symbol of an ongoing protest movement in ...
  5. bus captain found cash

    Driver hands over S$40,000 found on SBS bus

  6. Durian fruit

    Smell of durian causes hundreds to evacuate from Canberra library

  7. florida man pawn baby

    Florida man tries to pawn baby as a prank, sparks police probe

    A man walked into a pawn shop in Florida, put his baby on the counter and, according to police, asked how much he could get for the kid.