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  1. Man who ate US$120,000 banana at art show says 'I'm not sorry'

    Man who ate US$120,000 banana at art show says 'I'm not sorry'

    A performance artist who ate a banana taped to a wall that was an artwork valued at US$120,000 said his actions were not vandalism and he does not ...
  2. Britain's Princess Anne talks to Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canada's

    NATO leaders caught on camera mocking Trump

    The leaders of Britain, Canada, France and the Netherlands have been caught on camera at a Buckingham Palace reception mocking US President ...
  3. A fake bear on a stretcher during a protest against a New Year's event that some fear will wake

    Sleeping bears force Polish TV to shift noisy New Year party

  4. President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants French to become the first language in Africa and

    French language watchdogs warn of rise of 'franglais'

    A centuries-old institution regarded as the guardian of the French language has warned state officials against encouraging the spread of ...
  5. US President Donald Trump

    Quid pro quo: Latin phrase dominates US impeachment process

    "Quid pro quo." There's no escaping the Latin phrase in America right now.
  6. US President Trump speaks to reporters as he departs for travel to Texas at the White House

    Notes in hand, Trump states his case about impeachment

    Sometimes it helps for a president to have notes.
  7. sop kaki kambing nivell
    Media playtime

    Sop kaki kambing with goat’s eyes, ears and brain? We tried it - here's our verdict

    Sop kaki kambing, or goat's leg soup, is a much-loved dish in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta - along with other parts of the goat, including ...
  8. Woman prying open MRT doors

    Woman attempts to pry open MRT doors after missing train

    A woman attempted to pry open the doors of an MRT train after she successfully forced her way through the closing platform doors on Monday (Aug ...