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  1. FILE PHOTO: People ride bicycles in the Rue de Rivoli in a warm and sunny day in Paris

    Commentary: Bike lanes and housing in the CBD? Here’s how COVID-19 could transform cities

    The pandemic has accelerated the pace of urban innovation, compressing what would have taken years into months or even weeks, says Carlo Ratti and ...
  2. A sign asking customers to wear masks is seen at a shop in Vincennes

    Workplaces top source of COVID-19 clusters in France, says doctor

    Workplaces are the main clusters of coronavirus infection in France and companies should have staff work from home as much as possible after the ...
  3. headphones on work desk

    Commentary: Forget open-plan workspaces, it's time to bring back the office cubicle

    Office workers are looking for privacy in open-plan offices and are demanding for separate spaces, Financial Times' Elaine Moore points out.