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  1. Keppel

    Commentary: Keppel’s exit of rig business may have bigger implications for Singapore's offshore and marine sector

    The world’s largest rig-builder’s decision shouldn’t come as a surprise though, says David Kuo, as the sun has been slowly setting on a shrinking ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: The logo of French oil and gas company Total

    France's Total quits top US oil lobby over climate policies

    France's Total on Friday became the first major energy company to quit the largest U.S. oil and gas lobby because of differences over climate ...
  3. The Climate Conversations podcast thumbnail
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    Getting Big Oil to make the big transition: Challenges and opportunities | EP 16

    Oil and gas companies have powered the globe for centuries, but they have also played a significant role in producing carbon emissions. This week, ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: File photograph shows a sign is outside BP's North Sea Headquarters in Aberdeen

    Only a quarter of BP's 10,000 job cuts to be voluntary

    BP is set to make around 7,500 compulsory redundancies after roughly 2,500 staff - or just over one in ten of those eligible - applied for ...
  5. A number of oil and gas companies have pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050

    Satellites reveal major new gas industry methane leaks

    Last fall, European Space Agency satellites detected huge plumes of the invisible planet-warming gas methane leaking from the Yamal pipeline that ...