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    Shop for an electricity retailer with confidence

    Tempted by the lower rates but worried about switching to a retailer? Here are some facts to put you at ease.
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    The truth about buying electricity from a retailer

    Here are the answers to some of your nagging questions about the Open Electricity Market
  3. Singapore residential housing

    More households switch electricity retailers, pay 20% to 30% less

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    Open Electricity Market: A new world of choices

    From meal delivery to mobile phone plans, we are used to having plenty of choices. The power of choice has now been extended to something that we ...
  5. Bishan Park

    Phased nationwide roll-out of Open Electricity Market begins: 5 things to know

    Confused about what the Open Electricity Market entails? Not sure how to sieve through the buffet of price plans? Here’s what you need to know.