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  1. Chan Chun Sing Interview (5)

    Policies will continue to be adjusted to support the energy sector: Chan Chun Sing

  2. singapore skyline night

    Full opening of electricity market in Singapore to fire up competition: What will retailers do?

    Electricity retailers will likely try to outdo each other based on price and other promotions but in the long run, differentiation by service and ...
  3. EMA roadshow on Open Electricity Market 3

    Singapore to open up retail electricity market from November: What it means for consumers

    While competition will bring down prices, consumers intending to make the switch still need to do their homework and look beyond price to pick the ...
  4. singapore skyline night

    Singapore consumers can choose electricity provider from November

    The liberalisation of the electricity market to the rest of Singapore will be done progressively in stages over the next six months.
  5. EMA roadshow on Open Electricity Market 1

    Sizzling competition, ‘encouraging’ sign-ups as electricity market opens up in Jurong

    Nearly a month since the roll-out of the Open Electricity Market in Jurong, retailers have cut prices, doled out steeper discounts and freebies to ...
  6. ExxonMobil Jurong Cogeneration Plant

    Commentary: The future for Singapore’s energy burns bright

    KPMG examines the shifts in the energy landscape and the efforts by Singapore to address its growing energy needs.