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  1. huahua11

    Orphan's poignant photos capture life in shelter for unwanted disabled kids

    Abandoned by parents, the orphans are each other's family – but “please, don’t ever pity us” says 24-year-old Tian Hua Hua who captures their ...
  2. GR orphan 1

    Unwanted or too costly to support, disabled children are abandoned at China's orphanages

    Some 900,000 children with disabilities are born in China each year, but the country has little social security for the disabled. Get Real looks ...
  3. (ry) buy happiness 1

    Singaporean gives Tanzanian orphaned friends a shot at their dreams

    Documentary filmmaker Mak CK raised funds to help nine friends in Tanzania turn their lives around, if they can - in “Buying Happiness”, a project ...