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  1. 5-year-old French girl bitten by otter at Gardens by the Bay

  2. Pasir Ris otters a favourite subject of Nat Geo's Nature Photographer of the Year Jayaprakash Bojan

    Singapore-based Jayaprakash Bojan talks about his favourite otter family in Pasir Ris and the real story behind his prize-winning orangutan ...
  3. Was the Changi Airport otter video filmed in a protected area? Police looking into matter

    Photography and filming are not allowed in such areas, police said.
  4. Injured otter rescued and treated in first such operation

  5. Otters spotted at Changi Airport tarmac guided out to the beach

  6. Development works for Round Island Route start end-2016

    The 60km-long Coastal Adventure Corridor is the first of three corridors for the RIR, and will connect 45km of existing park connectors.
  7. Drug lord's pet hippos roam Colombian village

    Left to themselves on his Napoles Estate, they bred to become what's said to be the biggest wild hippo herd outside Africa - a local curiosity and ...
  8. Suitable homes sought for Underwater World's marine animals

    An animal activist group and a marine biology expert Channel NewsAsia spoke to advocate releasing some of the marine animals back into the wild, ...