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  1. Representation of the Ethereum virtual currency standing on the PC motherboard are seen in this ill

    Crypto backed by crypto: Dai seeks to change 'stablecoin' game

    Some are backed by dollars. Others by gold. But this "stablecoin" isn't tied to any major asset - it's backed by another cryptocurrency.
  2. A view of Singapore's central business district.

    Commentary: Use the right lamp to light the way forward on inequality

    Oxfam’s Commitment to Reducing Inequality is a poor framework by which we should judge how well Singapore is doing on combating inequality, says ...
  3. Singapore crowd file

    Commentary: A minimum wage isn’t the answer to inequality

    Oxfam’s index that measures commitment to inequality has ranked Singapore poorly, and suggests that the lack of a minimum wage was one chief reason.
  4. Singapore skyline (1)

    Singapore in bottom 10 of Oxfam index on efforts to tackle inequality

  5. Mosul victory Jul11

    Iraqi PM hails victory over 'brutality and terrorism' in Mosul

    Standing with members of the security forces, Abadi hailed the retaking of Mosul - where IS dealt Iraqi troops a devastating defeat three years ...