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    The Vaccine Quest: Part Two

    The Duke-NUS team is closer to producing a viable vaccine. But creating a viable vaccine is just the first step; producing enough for everyone is ...
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    The Vaccine Quest: Part One

    A Singapore-based team has spent the last year developing a COVID-19 vaccine. How close are they to producing one?
  3. Vaccination with AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, in Belgium

    Oxford University to test COVID-19 vaccine response among children for first time

    The University of Oxford has launched a study to assess the safety and immune response of the COVID-19 vaccine it has developed with AstraZeneca ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A test tube labelled with the vaccine is seen in front of AstraZeneca logo in this illu

    Thailand to sign COVID-19 vaccine agreement with Oxford-AstraZeneca

    Thailand is set to sign a purchase agreement for AstraZeneca's potential COVID-19 vaccine this week, its prime minister said on Thursday, in the ...