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  1. The submarine DSV Limiting Factor floats near the research vessel DSSV Pressure Drop

    Trash found littering ocean floor in deepest-ever sub dive

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    Earthquake of 6 magnitude strikes off Clipperton Island - USGS

  3. Susie Goodall

    Sailing: British Golden Globe yachtswoman rescued by cargo ship

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    US Coast Guard seizes US$500 million worth of cocaine

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    Pacific pilgrim makes milestone progress in epic swim

  6. Bolivia's President Evo Morales' cabinet members await at the presidential palace La Casa

    World Court - Chile not forced to negotiate over Bolivia sea access

    Landlocked Bolivia cannot force Chile to negotiate over granting it "sovereign access" to the Pacific Ocean, judges at the International Court of ...
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    Despite typhoons, endurance swimmer 1,000 miles across Pacific

  8. Kra Canal project

    Proposed Kra Canal not current government project: Thailand

    A Thai spokesman said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha had insisted his government did not have a policy on the project.
  9. Guam

    Guam: Strategic island in the Pacific