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  1. When does a touch become unsafe? When a 6-year-old discloses sexual abuse

    Commentary: When does a touch become unsafe? When a 6-year-old discloses sexual abuse

    Safeguarding our children from sexual abuse has got to start young, says Singapore Children’s Society CEO Alfred Tan.
  2. Boris Kunsevitsky pleaded guilty to sexually abusing dozens of children

    Singapore beauty firm confirms it employed Australian paedophile, revelation of crimes a ‘big shock’

    Esthemedica marketing manager Hoong Cheong Hon says the company had a business call to Boris Kunsevitsky as recently as last Friday.
  3. (pp) cybersex story2

    'We didn't have much to eat': Poverty pushes some kids towards paid sex abuse in the Philippines

    In the second part of an investigation into the online streaming of child sex abuse, a victim recounts what happened to her and experts explain ...
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    Polish church turns to top court in paedophile case

  5. crime (640) gavel court

    Dutch paedophile jailed in Cambodia after years of abusing children

    The conviction finally ended years of impunity for the child abuser, who once ran an orphanage in the impoverished Southeast Asian country.
  6. Handcuffs 3

    Paedophile jailed, caned for sexually assaulting 10 boys over 3 years

    Goh Jun Guan met most of his victims at a gaming shop at which he worked.
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    Paedophile jailed for molesting multiple children over 12 years

    Tahir Hassan, 49, was sentenced to 11.5 years in jail and 15 strokes of the cane. A judge says what he did is the "stuff of nightmares".