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  1. Kuantan bus terminal

    Newborn found dead in Malaysia bus terminal toilet

  2. Elephants rescued in Pahang

    Rescuers save elephants trapped in abandoned Malaysian gold mine

  3. Installation ceremony of Malaysia's 16th King

    Sultan Abdullah formally installed as Malaysia's new king

  4. Orang Asli Frasers Hill

    Orang Asli land under threat in Pahang as Musang King plantations grow

    Some indigenous people in Raub claim they are paying the price for those looking to profit from the increasing demand for durians, while growers ...
  5. Former Pahang ruler Sultan Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah

    Malaysian King’s father, former Pahang ruler, dies

  6. New Sultan of Pahang

    Malaysian royals meet to pick new king after historic abdication