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  1. Hadi Awang rally

    Commentary: Malaysia’s anti-ICERD rally a reality check for Pakatan Harapan

    The rally provided Mahathir with a strong case, directed to his Pakatan allies, that the Malays remain sensitive to perceived acts that compromise ...
  2. Malaysia ICERD rally crowd and flags

    Race and religion - when 'new Malaysia' faces off against old forces

  3. Malaysia ICERD rally crowd and flags

    Commentary: So much for a new Malaysia

    The massive anti-ICERD rally and ensuing political dynamics suggest the start of the end of Malaysia’s honeymoon period, says James Chin.
  4. Port Dickson by-election voting centre

    Malaysian by-election contested by Anwar Ibrahim kicks off in Port Dickson

    Some 70,000 voters are heading to the polls to choose between Anwar Ibrahim and six other candidates for the vacant Port Dickson parliamentary seat.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir speaks during an interview with Reuters in Put

    Election pledge of toll-free roads not possible: Malaysia PM Mahathir

  6. Anwar (left) and Mahathir

    'I love him as a father and a leader': Anwar, Mahathir in show of unity at by-election rally

  7. Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim

    Mahathir to join Anwar for political rally in Port Dickson on Monday