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  1. Regular protests along the Gaza border that began in March last year have declined in intensity in

    Israeli warplanes hit Gaza after Palestinian rocket attack

  2. US Representative Rashida Tlaib says she won't accept Israel's 'humiliating'

    US lawmaker says no visit to West Bank under 'oppressive' Israel conditions

    Palestinian-American lawmaker Rashida Tlaib on Friday rejected Israel's offer to allow her to visit her grandmother in the West Bank, blasting the ...
  3. An Israeli soldier stands near the scene of what Israeli military said is a car-ramming attack near

    Driver shot dead after ramming car into Israeli civilians in West Bank

    Israeli police shot dead a Palestinian driver they said had carried out a car-ramming attack on Friday that injured two Israeli civilians in the ...
  4. Palestinian demonstrations at the Gaza border demanding the lifting of Israel's more than

    Israel army says killed 4 armed Palestinians on Gaza border

    The Israeli army said its troops shot dead four heavily armed Palestinians on the Gaza border early on Saturday (Aug 10), alleging one of them had ...
  5. Israel rarely grants approvals for Palestinian construction in the more than 60 percent of the West

    Israel approves homes for Palestinians, settlers before Kushner visit

    Israel has given rare approval to Palestinian homes in the part of the occupied West Bank it fully controls while also backing a large settlement ...
  6. Palestinian Liberation Organzation office in Washington

    Long line of Israeli-Palestinian peace bids precede Trump's push

  7. Donald Trump

    Factbox: Many sticks, few carrots - Trump's Palestinian policy

  8. Jewish settlement Jerusalem

    Israel settlement goods should be labelled, EU court advised