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  1. patient on hospital bed

    Commentary: Your spouse or your parents? Who should decide when to take you off life support?

    Plan how to leave well, if we want to live well, say NUS' Sumytra Menon and NUHS' Dr Noreen Chan.
  2. New Content Item

    Hospitals serving more minorities may offer less palliative care

  3. A nurse assists an HIV-positive and tuberculosis patient at the Jose Gregorio Hernandez hospital in

    Commentary: A painful struggle against grief for the terminally ill during the festive season

    The dying want to be involved in activities but may not have the physical or emotional capacity to deal with stress and stimulation, says one ...
  4. assisi hospice volunteer

    The volunteers at Assisi Hospice: Feeding, sponging and changing diapers are all in a day's work

    At Assisi Hospice, volunteers don’t just befriend and talk to patients, but also help out in basic nursing tasks like sponging patients or ...
  5. palliative care 4

    These people make dying patients’ last wishes a reality

    Healthcare workers in palliative care tell us what patients typically wish to do as they are on their deathbeds, and what some of the things they ...
  6. Dementia patient

    Higher quality of life, fewer hospital visits for dementia patients on home care pilot

  7. (st) Future of dying - Headstones

    Commentary: Contemplating the future of dying

    Lien Foundation CEO Lee Poh Wah discusses our attitudes towards death and care at the end of life.
  8. Sick child - palliative care

    Commentary: More than a village needed to raise youths with complex care needs

    We need to support youths living with congenital conditions. They have significant complex care needs but have little public visibility, says Dr ...
  9. home care

    Commentary: Don't let caring for the dying become a burden on the living

    We should spare more thought into helping our palliative care practitioners deal with the challenges of caring for the terminally ill, for they ...
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    Commentary: Singaporeans plan our whole lives, so why not our deaths?

    Planning our end-of-life care can help our loved ones deal with difficult decisions and cope during a period of grief, yet Singaporeans don’t seem ...