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  1. mother child

    Commentary: Should Singapore allow healthy women to freeze their eggs?

    Two healthcare and social work experts discuss whether it’s time for Singapore to review its stance on egg freezing.
  2. New Content Item

    Budget 2017: Support for families, job security among Singaporeans’ top concerns

    Many Singaporeans have asked the Government to introduce more parenthood incentives, promote work-life balance and make housing more affordable, ...
  3. i love children banners

    VWO to ramp up campaign on fertility issues in Singapore

    The group, I Love Children, will roll out its high-profile campaign, and hold road shows on fertility health checks.
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    Second week of paternity leave to be legislated, takes effect from 2017

    Shared parental leave will also be increased to four weeks as part of a slew of enhancements to parental leave provisions announced by Mrs ...
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    MSF to reduce disadvantages faced by children of unwed parents

    Unwed mothers will benefit from Government-paid maternity leave, but legislation will need to be amended to make this happen, says Minister for ...
  6. Mrs Toh Yin Ching came to Marina Barrage at 8.45am with her sons Sean, 8, Howard, 6, and Jayden, 2.

    Workplace support for young couples can help in their career, parenthood goals: Josephine Teo

    “Collectively, we must make marriage and parenthood more achievable, enjoyable and celebrated,” says Mrs Josephine Teo, who oversees population ...
  7. Josephine Teo in Korea

    2 weeks paternity leave will be made into law: Josephine Teo

    The move is part of a wider push to help Singaporeans better balance work and family life, and that it will be discussed at the upcoming Committee ...