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  1. NYT illo - parental burnout

    Taking care of your mental health when taking care of your family

    Experts recommend looking at the demands and consider which ones you can step away from.
  2. NYT Rituals keep keep athletes grounded HERO

    Here's how to take back control and manage stress levels during a pandemic

    Take cues from athletes who adopt rituals to prepare their minds for the unknowns they’ll face when they perform. Such rituals lower levels of ...
  3. When your tween is bored HERO

    Expert-approved, mood-boosting tactics to keep tweens from boredom

    Here's how to be your tween's creative collaborator instead of the boss.
  4. How are my kids still falling sick in lockdown?

    Here's why kids can get sick right now – even if they’re not leaving the house

    Quarantine-induced behaviours, as well as the coronavirus itself, might actually increase the risk for certain conditions, such as Lyme disease ...
  5. Baby sleeping

    Commentary: Napping helps your pre-schooler learn better

    Beyond the emotional regulation payoff, naps also provide a direct benefit to learning, says an observer.
  6. Parent child talk discipline punishment reward

    Commentary: A little baby talk is good for your toddler

    Young children around the world love baby talk, say observers.
  7. To help her twin daughters, Jacqueline Ang gave them big soft toys to hug for comfort.

    Navigating taboos, parents grapple with sexual stirrings of children with special needs

    When puberty struck, one conservative mother had to learn to support her girls' sexual development while coming up against the taboo around the topic.
  8. Baby Infant 01 - file photo

    Mothers infected with COVID-19 should continue breastfeeding their babies: WHO

    Breastfeeding mothers do not seem to be passing on the coronavirus to their infants, a World Health Organization (WHO) expert said on Friday (Jun 12).
  9. how to make your home feel more spacious

    How to make your home feel more spacious: Contain your kid's clutter

    Working from home during a pandemic is stressful enough without having to constantly pick up after your children. Here's how to avoid it.