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  1. Girl eating

    1 in 2 Singapore parents gets stressed out during mealtimes – how to deal with fussy kids

    Long eating times, a sense of helplessness and frustration, and worry over children getting a balanced diet are some of the reasons for the ...
  2. Kenny feeding Carice

    Facing circuit breaker blues, parents of young kids help each other in chat groups

    Keeping a toddler entertained at home 24/7 can fray the nerves of any mum or dad – but there’s peer support on social media and messaging ...
  3. wfh kids

    Commentary: Mothers working from home on Instagram look stylish, serene and nothing like my reality

    It turns out that combining three young kids and a full-time job isn’t quite the Sound of Music 2.0, says the Financial Times' Carola Long.
  4. Illustration of a child being disciplined

    Discipline looks different in a pandemic, here's what you can do

    Should I be more lenient, then, when my kids act out? Or should I be strict in an attempt to maintain limits? What is the best way for parents to ...
  5. Mother feeding her baby at home

    Commentary: Perhaps now, stay-home mums will get the credit they deserve

    The workload of stay-home mothers is far from light and the skills that they have been quietly honing in the background are precisely the ones ...
  6. Photo of an Asian family

    No ‘me-time’, tired, stressed: How parents can cope with everyone being at home

    Spending more time with the family is a good thing – but being cooped up for your children for weeks does have its downsides. Here’s how to manage ...
  7. A child being tickled by an adult in the tummy

    Commentary: Am I a bad mum for leaving my kid in childcare while returning to work?

    Research shows modern caregiving arrangements does not adversely impact child development in the way we think it does, says Children’s Society Lin ...
  8. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: If mums are amazing, why do some workplaces discriminate against pregnant women?

    Extending protection even after maternity leave and strengthening wrongful dismissal penalties would be good first steps to making workplaces ...
  9. dad baby

    Commentary: COVID-19 is giving dads more opportunities to be involved at home

    The pandemic has triggered a blurring of home and work, giving working parents, especially fathers, the chance to be more active at home, says ...
  10. School students and education

    Commentary: Don't stress over your kids' education this circuit breaker. There are other ways they are learning

    Parents may be anxious about their children falling behind, but it is good enough if they are even a little engaged in the daily routine of ...