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  1. Crying baby file photo

    Certain parenting behaviors may tune baby brains to angry tones

  2. parent reading child story book

    Commentary: Want your kids' vocab to improve? Read aloud to them

    Reading to your child can also strengthen your relationship with them and foster engagement, says education lecturer at Edith Cowan University, ...
  3. Two children playing in a playground

    Younger siblings with older brothers more likely to be bullied

  4. old elderly woman

    Commentary: The role reversal between parent and child, as ageing takes a toll on families

    Sometimes what our parents need most in their old age is for us to stop and listen, be patient and show them love them with our actions, says ...
  5. file photo of a baby

    Malaysia aims to have 70% of babies breastfed by 2025

  6. child playing piano

    Commentary: Child prodigies arise from involved parenting

    Educational psychologist, Kenneth A Kiewra, at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, takes a closer look at parents’ influence in shaping child ...
  7. library@Harbourfront 1

    Commentary: HarbourFront library a leap in use of tech but librarians remain central to learning

    While artificial intelligence may improve our libraries, Assistant Professor Loh Chin Ee maintains that human intelligence is still a necessity.
  8. From the early 2000s, breastfeeding rates in Serbia fell off a cliff, plummeting to eight percent in

    Delayed newborn baths tied to higher breastfeeding rates

  9. newborn, baby hands

    Commentary: A big decision, what to expect when you go for IVF

    In vitro fertilisation treatment depends on your infertility diagnosis, and undertaking it can impact you in many ways, healthcare experts Hannah ...
  10. Nathanael, aged five years and one month, is sent to take a train by himself for the first time.

    Commentary: Should you let your 5-year-old run errands outside of home?

    Whatever your view about the errand a 5-year-old carried out to deliver a briefcase to his dad 17 MRT stations away, let's remember to give our ...