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  1. The logo of Apple

    Apple reinstates OurPact parental control app removed over privacy concerns

    Apple Inc this week restored a software application to its App Store that let parents control their children's iPhone usage after removing it in ...
  2. baby sleep

    Commentary: Sleep training for your kids – it works and you should try it

    Sleep training at younger ages may protect against more serious sleep problems later in life, say researchers at Pittsburg University Ryan ...
  3. Keeping the fun in children's sports (1)

    Why it's important that playing sports remains fun for your children

    The evidence shows that what makes sports really fun for kids is trying hard, making progress, being a good sport and experiencing positive ...
  4. Cooking pot on stove

    Commentary: Time to cook is a luxury most families don't have

    The idea of slowing down and making time for food sounds ideal, but today's family have a lot on their plate, say social scientists Joslyn ...
  5. corporal punishment smacking (file photo)

    France to approve ban on smacking children

  6. The damage of Dad Shaming Hero

    Don't dismiss a father's 'rough' parenting skills – it’s good for the kids

    Research has shown that fathers’ involvement has lots of benefits such as developing the child's expressive vocabulary.
  7. How to childproof your home HERO

    Childproofing 101: How to keep your home safe for your child

    A checklist that covers everything on where to position the crib to why it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector.
  8. dad parent and child at the beach

    Commentary: Is your child too clingy? Here's how to help them grow independence

    Children can show clingy behaviour at any stage up to late primary school, psychologist Elizabeth Westrupp points out.
  9. Beware the baby teething trap

    Commentary: Beware the baby teething trap - many products don't work, some are dangerous

    Many teething products, like gels and necklaces, might actually harm babies, says paediatric dentist, Mihiri Silva.
  10. SMRT Priority Queues

    Commentary: Prams and escalator incidents – how about lift priority queues for new parents?

    It could well be the first step forward in resetting the ground rules of responsible escalator and elevator use, and pave the way towards becoming ...