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  1. dad baby

    Commentary: COVID-19 is giving dads more opportunities to be involved at home

    The pandemic has triggered a blurring of home and work, giving working parents, especially fathers, the chance to be more active at home, says ...
  2. School students and education

    Commentary: Don't stress over your kids' education this circuit breaker. There are other ways they are learning

    Parents may be anxious about their children falling behind, but it is good enough if they are even a little engaged in the daily routine of ...
  3. Family playing board game

    Commentary: Parental warning - these May school holidays will be like no other

    Perhaps it is time to Marie Kondo our activity-packed school holidays, and go back to the basics, says Annie Tan.
  4. Unlike lockdowns in other countries, Spain's children were kept indoors, with only adults

    Commentary: Peace at home after Spanish children allowed out to play as lockdown slightly eases

    Spain has eased the COVID-19 lockdown as the daily death toll falls. Parents are most relived, says the Financial Times’ Daniel Dombey.
  5. Mother and baby hand

    Commentary: Confinement without help during COVID-19 – Mums, you're stronger than you know

    Let's accept it is okay to live in a messy house for a month, to not have all the answers and to make mistakes, says June Yong.
  6. People in reusable face masks in Singapore (2)

    Commentary: Singaporeans more adaptable than they give themselves credit for

    The COVID-19 outbreak is changing how Singaporeans approach parenting, education and work, says June Yong.
  7. WIM elearning 6

    Commentary: Home-based learning can be an opportunity to rethink parenting

    Parents can reclaim their roles as the main purveyor and steward of our child’s education and well-being, instead of outsourcing it to schools and ...
  8. Illustration of a bully

    Is your child a bully? How parents can spot the signs and what they should do

    What causes bullying and just how much of it is the fault of parents? Experts highlight certain behaviours to look out for – and how one should ...
  9. A woman working from home.

    Commentary: Parents, working from home need not be a hair-splitting experience

    While the desire for parents working from home may be to stick to routine working hours, some flexibility may be essential, says Ruchi Sinha.
  10. WIM elearning 6

    Commentary: Three smarter ways to use screen time while kids are at home

    There are ways to use tech to help kids learn, explore their interests and get creative, says an observer.