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    Commentary: The world’s most polluted city, a title none wants to win

    Airlines have cancelled flights, schools were closed and authorities are considering allowing private vehicles in the city only every other day.
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    Budget 2017: Enhancing vehicle incentive schemes for a cleaner environment

    Finance Minister Heng Sweet Keat says the changes to the schemes are aimed at nudging car buyers towards more environmentally-friendly vehicles.
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    Singapore not meeting its air quality targets: Masagos

    According to figures in the past two years, Singapore fell short in meeting its targets for pollutants such as fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), ...
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    'There's no way to dream': A glimpse of life in Mongolia's ger shantytowns

    Many who live in ger districts are former herders drawn to the city by the promise of a new life, or pushed off their land by extreme weather.