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    Commentary: Leadership in Asia, competition for a liberal world order

    Beijing is determined to shape a global order in which its interests are respected because of its disproportionate power relative to its ...
  2. China new Politburo

    Commentary: China's political leadership line-up and power structures for a new era

    With the conclusion of China's 19th Party Congress, political commentator Bo Zhiyue examines China's new leadership line-up.
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    Commentary: China’s ambition burns bright - with Xi Jinping firmly in charge

    With the conclusion of the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress, La Trobe University's Nick Bisley reflects on its outcomes, President Xi ...
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    Commentary: Xi Jinping, China's new revolutionary hero

    This Communist Party of China leader and Chinese president has revealed enough in his first term and in the ongoing 19th Party Congress to offer ...
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    Commentary: Vision of a new era for a strong China reflects domestic priorities, not global ambitions

    At the Chinese Communist Party's 19th Party Congress, Xi Jinping heralded a new era in China's development. One observer examines what this new ...
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    Commentary: For China's next five years, 'only Xi Jinping is indispensable'

    Having strengthened the Chinese Communist Party, the president will use the 19th Party Congress to cement his position further. But Xi Jinping's ...
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    Commentary: What will Xi Jinping say about Taiwan at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress?

    The Chinese president has a huge opportunity to shape China’s statement of policy on cross-strait relations. Brookings Institute’s Richard C Bush ...
  8. Increasing prosperity is a key part of the Communist Party's claim to legitimacy in China, and

    Commentary: The changing meaning of political legitimacy for the Chinese Communist Party

    In the lead-up to the 19th party congress, Bo Zhiyue discusses the CCP’s challenge of maintaining its political legitimacy, amid the Chinese ...
  9. Sun Zhengcai, Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary, chats with China's Vice Premie

    Commentary: Intrigue in Chongqing again before leadership reshuffle

    How will Sun Zhengcai’s removal as Chongqing party boss impact Beijing and Singapore? Peh Shing Huei explores the intrigue behind the sudden ...