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  1. PAS Kelantan Election 3

    Shisha, karaoke banned in Malaysian state of Kelantan

  2. Malaysia ICERD rally crowd and flags

    Race and religion - when 'new Malaysia' faces off against old forces

  3. Malaysia ICERD rally crowd and flags

    Commentary: So much for a new Malaysia

    The massive anti-ICERD rally and ensuing political dynamics suggest the start of the end of Malaysia’s honeymoon period, says James Chin.
  4. Malaysia ICERD rally Zahid

    UMNO, PAS leaders pledge unity at KL white shirts rally

  5. PAS Hadi Awang

    Commentary: As battle for Malay voters heats up, don’t expect PAS to go quietly into the night

    Many expect a three-cornered fight to benefit the ruling Barisan Nasional but commentators fail to understand the worldview of voters who support ...