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    Malaysia to consider 7-day paternity leave proposal for private sector

    The Cabinet may discuss by year-end calls for the implementation of seven-day paternity leave for the private sector, said Human Resources ...
  2. mother child

    Commentary: 'Super mums' have one simple request. Don’t hinder them from returning to work

    Mothers like Rahayu Mahzam, who seems to be on top of it all, should spur us to think about how to support mums who want to return to work, says ...
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    Aviva offers both dads and mums 16 weeks' paid parental leave

  4. father and child

    Commentary: IKEA’s month-long paternity leave a shining example to be followed

    Research shows that children, families and society benefit when fathers take paternity leave, argues NUS’ Wei Jun Jean Yeung. It may also increase ...
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    Standard Chartered Singapore to roll out 20-week paid maternity leave

    New adoptive mothers will also get the 20-week paid leave, the bank says.
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    11,300 fathers have applied for paid paternity leave so far: MSF

    Of these, 16 per cent are from the Civil Service, according to Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development Faishal Ibrahim.
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    Public servants to have up to 6 months' parental leave per couple

    The introduction of an additional four weeks of unpaid infant care leave per parent from July is to help close the potential 'caregiving gap' ...
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    Budget 2017: Support for families, job security among Singaporeans’ top concerns

    Many Singaporeans have asked the Government to introduce more parenthood incentives, promote work-life balance and make housing more affordable, ...