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    Woman first to claim infection after surgery at New Jersey facility

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    LGBT patients may prefer to report sexual orientation in writing

  3. A Gilead Sciences, Inc. office is shown in Foster City, California

    At two years, Gilead lymphoma therapy active in 40 percent of patients

    Nearly 40 percent of lymphoma patients treated with a single infusion of Gilead Sciences Inc's Yescarta continued to respond to the cell therapy ...
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    Racial disparities seen in US heart rhythm treatment

  5. Patient in hospital

    Patient satisfaction not influenced by surgery complications

  6. FILE PHOTO: Siemens Healthineers headquarters is pictured in Erlangen

    Siemens Healthineers partners with for smartphone-based urine testing

    Siemens Healthineers has teamed up with Israeli start-up to allow patients to test their urine at home by using a smartphone camera ...
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    Moroccan widow turns her home into a shelter for cancer patients

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    Video-conferencing brings therapists to patients with anxiety