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    Woman first to claim infection after surgery at New Jersey facility

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    LGBT patients may prefer to report sexual orientation in writing

  3. rehabilitative care

    Rehabilitative care needs to move beyond hospitals: Lam Pin Min

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    First cancer gene therapy gets US go-ahead

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    US Fed Reserve can 'be patient' in raising rates: Minutes

  6. Sick child - palliative care

    Commentary: More than a village needed to raise youths with complex care needs

    We need to support youths living with congenital conditions. They have significant complex care needs but have little public visibility, says Dr ...
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    Commentary: Don't let caring for the dying become a burden on the living

    We should spare more thought into helping our palliative care practitioners deal with the challenges of caring for the terminally ill, for they ...
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    NKF launches hotline for kidney health queries

  9. Woodlands Health Campus

    Artificial intelligence, robotics to be part of patient care at new Woodlands hospital

    The first hospital in Woodlands, which broke ground on Tuesday (Apr 18), is exploring the use of technology to improve the patient care experience.