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  1. Reconciling families of the dead and dying
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    Reconciling families of the dead and dying

    What happens to patients dying alone in hospital? What goes into finding their families? Meet Melissa, a hospital medical social worker who ...
  2. elderly patient, hospital gown

    Commentary: Hospital gowns leave patients feeling vulnerable

    Wearing a hospital gown is often unnecessary and can be traumatic for some patients, observers points out.
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    Commentary: How should we regulate doctors and protect patients in a complex world?

    A slew of cases involving complaints against doctors has been brought to the Singapore Medical Council recently. Kumaralingam Amirthalingam ...
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    Republican plan to replace Obamacare: what's new in it?

    Supporters defend the new version as a more free-market, patient-centred system - and Republican leaders now say they have the votes to pass the ...