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  1. Role of women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence | Video
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    Role of women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence | Video

    A new study finds women, more than men, could be hurt by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. The World Economic Forum says ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Provincial health workers perform coronavirus disease tests in Gull Bay

    Gender pay gap narrows only marginally in Europe

    The pay gap between men and women doing the same job in Europe narrowed only marginally this year, the European Commission said on Friday, even ...
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    Women in Singapore earn 6% less than men for similar work: MOM study

  4. Marriage

    Commentary: Do men feel stressed if their wives earn more?

    Men who are the only earners are relatively unhappy, but they are not as stressed as men whose partners are the principal earners, says an expert.
  5. Woman at work looking at iPad.

    Commentary: Do women get penalised in the workplace for telling jokes?

    Public speaking is hard — and there may be extra pitfalls for those who deploy humour, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  6. A couple and their child at the seaside.

    Commentary: A tale of two bankers and modern parenting

    Working part-time for a few years while raising young children may not cost you much in financial terms but it will undoubtedly slow down your ...
  7. woman hiding

    Commentary: Many high-achieving women feel like phonies

    Feeling like a fraud is extraordinarily common, especially among high-achieving women who often retrospectively report feeling anxious, says one ...
  8. A couple sits next to a river in Singapore on February 12, 2008

    Commentary: Should a man be expected to earn more than his wife?

    Why do both sexes exaggerate the man’s salary if he is not the higher earner? One Financial Times columnist explores the dynamics when a couple ...