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  1. The European Court of Human Rights found that previous court rulings had "failed to strike a

    Commentary: What those 'updates to our privacy policy' mean for Singapore

    Facebook and other social networks face lawsuits under a new EU privacy law. If they lose, the consequences may be global, says an observer at ...
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    Majority of responses 'supportive' of mandatory data breach notification: PDPC

    A mandatory data breach notification regime was one of the proposed changes to the Personal Data Protection Act.
  3. NRIC 2

    New guidelines proposed on use of NRIC numbers by companies

  4. JP Pepperdine Group screengrab

    2 companies fined S$10,000 each for breaching data protection rules

    JP Pepperdine Group and Propnex Realty were both imposed the financial penalty after failing to secure customers' personal information on their IT ...
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    PDPC takes action against 11 firms for data privacy breaches

    The Personal Data Protection Commission fined karaoke chain K Box Entertainment S$50,000 for not having sufficient security measures during the ...