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  1. Pedra Branca

    East Coast electoral division altered to include Pedra Branca

  2. Book launched on the unheard cases of Pedra Branca challenge 3

    Book on ‘unheard cases’ of Pedra Branca challenge launched

  3. Pedra Branca

    Commentary: Give joint patrols off Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks a shot

    Singapore Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen recently responded warmly to a suggestion from Malaysian Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu to strengthen ...
  4. Pedra Branca

    ICJ drops Pedra Branca case from list, cancels hearings

  5. Pedra Branca

    Malaysia drops challenge to ICJ ruling on Pedra Branca

    Singapore is "happy to agree" with Malaysia's request to discontinue the cases it filed in 2017 with the International Court of Justice.