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  1. Hameediyah restaurant nasi kandar

    Nasi kandar shop in Penang draws crowd with century-old recipes

    Hameediyah Restaurant has thrived for 112 years, a testament to its curry and masala recipes that have been passed down for generations.
  2. Penang reclamation 1

    Penang mega reclamation project a divisive issue on the ground

  3. Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow

    Penang state government gets approval for iconic reclamation project

    Developers have touted the project as one that could put Penang on the world map and rival other cities like Singapore and Dubai.
  4. Penang Children on Bicycle mural

    The artist behind Penang's famous murals thinks the heritage area has become a 'circus'

    Ernest Zacharevic is worried George Town might lose its UNESCO World Heritage Site status and has contemplated painting over his iconic art to put ...
  5. Penang theme park to feature world’s longest water slide

    Penang theme park to feature world’s longest water slide

  6. Penang International Airport

    Indonesian caught hiding in jet landing gear at Penang airport