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  1. Penang Fine Dining

    Beyond char kway teow and assam laksa: Penang’s growing fine dining scene

    Away from its famous street food, the burgeoning fine dining scene in George Town is arguably turning Penang into Malaysia’s most exciting gourmet ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Employee of automated the test equipment designer and solutions provider Aemulus Holdin

    Trade war rejuvenates 'Silicon Valley' firms in Malaysia

    Years after resisting pressure to move to China, Lee Hung Lung says his bet has paid off. Sales at his Malaysia-based Hotayi Electronic are ...
  3. Hong Kong protests see surge of interest in Malaysian real estate | Video
    Media playtime

    Hong Kong protests see surge of interest in Malaysian real estate | Video

    The protests in Hong Kong - now almost into their fourth month - have led to a surge in interest in Malaysian real estate. Potential investors are ...
  4. penang longest slide escape park 3

    World’s longest tube water slide in Penang enters record books

    The newest attraction at Escape theme park in Malaysia takes four minutes to ride – and is 1.1km long. Anyone game to take the plunge?
  5. Hameediyah restaurant nasi kandar

    Nasi kandar shop in Penang draws crowd with century-old recipes

    Hameediyah Restaurant has thrived for 112 years, a testament to its curry and masala recipes that have been passed down for generations.
  6. Penang reclamation 1

    Penang mega reclamation project a divisive issue on the ground

  7. Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow

    Penang state government gets approval for iconic reclamation project

    Developers have touted the project as one that could put Penang on the world map and rival other cities like Singapore and Dubai.