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  1. Ong Ye Kung

    Govt ramps up ministerial visits, aims to cover all constituencies by mid-2020

  2. PAP CEC 2017

    PAP assistant secretary-general appointment a precursor to becoming Singapore’s next PM: Analysts

    “The front-runners must certainly move into that position to be primed for leadership - both of the party and Government,” says political watcher ...
  3. New Content Item

    East Coast, Jalan Besar GRCs to be ‘hotly contested’ in next GE with anchor ministers stepping down

    The speculation over who will anchor the two constituencies has begun, after news that their respective anchor ministers – Mr Lim Swee Say and Dr ...
  4. New Content Item

    PAP Whip Chan Chun Sing reminds party MPs not to write to courts on constituents' behalf

    "PAP MPs must not do anything that may give rise to any misperception that they can influence or interfere in the judicial process," says Mr Chan ...
  5. PAP flag logo

    Commentary: Relooking the recruitment and renewal of the PAP’s leadership

    The People's Action Party may have to look deeper into why and how it should inject greater diversity into its leadership ranks, argues Jaime Ho, ...