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  1. Tiles
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    Join us down a path of nostalgia as we explore the Peranakan Tile Gallery and the different meanings and traditions kept alive within these ...
  2. Mother-in-law and married couple

    Commentary: The Dragon Mother-in-law and the First Son Syndrome

    The hereditary locked-horn battle between a woman and the mother of her husband has never really gone away even in modern times, says prominent ...
  3. Peranakan dishes Melaka

    Melaka's Peranakan chefs spill secrets on what keeps tourists coming

    Two chefs running thriving restaurants in Melaka’s city centre reveal how they modernise Peranakan recipes to cater to tourists while maintaining ...
  4. Poh Heng Lead

    Poh Heng showcases traditional-meets-modern Peranakan stories with new Legacy collection

    Local gold jeweller traces its Peranakan heritage and unveils a line decorated with elegant florals and stately flair. Brought to you by Poh Heng
  5. Indigo Blue Kitchen's Nyonya Poh Piah (Photo Les Amis Group)

    A Peranakan restaurant with a non-Peranakan chef? Les Amis’ new eatery wants to shake things up

    Don't worry, Indigo Blue Kitchen will feature Les Amis Group chairman Desmond Lim's Nyonya grandmother's recipes.
  6. nlb survey - josephine chia

    Commentary: I am Peranakan not Chinese

    It feels awkward to be reflected as Chinese on my Identity Card, says prominent Peranakan writer Josephine Chia.
  7. Peranakan Gallery Changi T4 (facade)

    New Peranakan Gallery opens at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4

    The new gallery by the Peranakan Museum is located at the terminal’s departure transit area and features a snapshot of Peranakan culture, from ...
  8. (ss) Peranakan Culture 13 uncanny resemblance

    Has the ‘soul’ gone out of modern Peranakans?

    The faddish revival of all things Peranakan is upsetting some traditionalists who think it soul-less. But is their fixation on orthodoxy killing ...