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  1. Singapore Fringe Festival 2017 (Amanda Heng's Let's Walk)

    Pioneer performance artist Amanda Heng inspires next year’s Singapore Fringe Fest

    The 14th edition revolves around the theme Let’s Walk, which is the title of an iconic 1999 performance by the Cultural Medallion recipient. Other ...
  2. Josef Ng (Josef with TNP cover)

    'Brother Cane is part of me': Josef Ng opens up about past controversies and future hopes

    In 1994, a performance artist named Josef Ng found himself at the centre of a controversy involving pubic hair and nudity that would change the ...
  3. Skin In SIN burlesque troupe

    Burlesque troupe in Singapore puts spotlight on Foreign Bodies

    Skin In SIN’s debut show at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival promises to be an alternative, thought-provoking kind of burlesque entertainment.
  4. (mm) Myanmar Art (Nyein Chan Su)

    How Myanmar’s art scene is reinventing itself

    From dealing with censors to coping with rising costs, how are Myanmar’s artists faring as the country opens up to the world? Channel NewsAsia’s ...