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    Singapore to block foreigners from promoting political causes locally

    The Commissioner of Police may refuse to grant a permit for public assembly or procession, if it is directed towards a political end and organised ...
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    LTA revises road works permit fee structure to ease traffic

    The new fee structure will impose a daily rate on top of the existing S$165 flat rate for road work applications.
  3. Armed policemen stand guard in Singapore, on July 18, 2012

    Police investigating public assembly without permit at Sembawang Park

    The police reiterated that foreigners have to abide by the nation's laws and not import politics of their home countries into Singapore.
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    Israel delays settler permits ahead of Kerry speech

    Israel delayed a vote Wednesday (Dec 28) on permits for settler homes at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request, ahead of a speech by US ...
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    Employment scam mastermind given 42 months' jail

    Mui Chee Mun was given 36 months' jail for fraudulently obtaining work passes for 37 foreign workers for a shell company between May 2014 and ...
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    Controversial socio-political issues in Singapore should be left to Singaporeans: Shanmugam

    Foreign entities are unlikely to get approval to fund or support Speakers' Corner events that deal with controversial social and political issues, ...
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    Pink Dot 'disappointed' by new Speakers' Corner regulations

    "We want to work closely with the Ministry of Home Affairs and other Government agencies to ensure that we remain within legal boundaries," says a ...
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    Permit required for foreign entities to fund, support Speakers' Corner events

    "The Government’s position has always been that foreign entities should not interfere in our domestic issues, especially those of a political or ...
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    PERGAS expresses concern over negative effects of online gambling

    PERGAS said permitting online gambling to be offered by the two local operators may lead to "the erosion of moral values withing our community".