personal mobility devices

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  1. LTA electric scooter impound

    More than 2,500 active mobility offences recorded between May and December 2018: LTA

  2. NUS Grab e-scooters trial

    Grab, NUS trial e-scooter sharing service on campus

  3. Food deliveryman arrested in Yishun

    Food delivery man using illegal e-scooter arrested in Yishun

  4. "Super long" e-scooter

    'Super long' e-scooter impounded by LTA

  5. TP PMD 1

    'Effectively a ban': Users, retailers blast new PMD fire safety rule

    According to retailers, the majority of PMD users in Singapore will have to discard their current devices and purchase UL2272-certified ones by 2021.
  6. PMD

    MPs suggest ways to boost enforcement against errant PMD users, retailers