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  1. e-scooter

    Speed limit for PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpaths

  2. e-scooter

    Panel proposes cutting speed limit for PMDs, making helmets compulsory for cyclists on roads

  3. Yue Kim Ming

    E-bike rider gets 5 weeks' jail for beating red light, punching elderly pedestrian

    The prosecution described the attack as "persistent and violent".
  4. Personal Mobility Devices 1

    Registration of e-scooters to be made mandatory from second half of 2018

    Other personal mobility devices such as electric hover boards and unicycles will not need to be registered due to their less widespread use and ...
  5. PMD 2

    Advisory panel recommends registration for all e-scooters

  6. PMD 1

    11 PMD users caught riding on roads as tougher penalties kick in

  7. Fire at Pasir Ris Street Nov 8

    Two fires caused by charging of e-scooters in two days

  8. Electric scooters

    3 arrested for riding e-scooters at speeds more than 100kmh