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  1. Employee of the state fuel distribution company, Brega, fills a car in Tripoli

    Libya sends mobile petrol stations to conflict-hit west

    Libyan state employee Akrm Jlaidi drives for ninety minutes to the suburbs of the capital Tripoli every week to fill his car at a mobile fuel station.
  2. Asia Default Image

    Pump prices in Malaysia to fall across the board

  3. caltex app

    Caltex launches mobile app for fuel payment

  4. People get their two-wheelers filled with petrol at a fuel station in Ahmedabad

    As petrol prices sky-rocket, Indians look for ways to ease the pain

    Many Indians are switching off air conditioners in cars and going to gas pumps across state borders in a bid to save money, as petrol prices ...
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    With higher oil prices, how much more will it cost to fill up your petrol tank?

    Fuelled by the increase in global oil prices, petrol rates in Singapore have been on the rise.
  6. Blue SG 2

    Commentary: Electric vehicles have a long way to go, so don't write off oil yet

    One expert discusses the limitation and factors affecting the slow growth of adoption of electric vehicles.
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    Mobile app for comparing petrol prices being considered: Competition watchdog

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    8 Indonesians jailed for tanker hijack in Malaysia

    The tanker MT Orkim Harmony was carrying around 6,000 tonnes of petrol worth an estimated US$5.6 million when it was commandeered by the eight men ...