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    Ep 2: Conflict In Cyberspace

    The line between cyber and physical worlds are blurred as state-led cyber warfare lacks rules. Amidst calls for laws, alliances and enterprises, ...
  2. Virus Outbreak Belgium Vaccine

    Phishing ploy targets COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort: Analysts

    Phishing ploy targets COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort
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    Commentary: The year hackers and scammers exploited our COVID-19 fears to cheat us

    Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to target specific groups of people, says McAfee’s Shashwat Khandelwal.
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    Impersonation scams: How familiarity can be used against you

    Constant vigilance is key and verification should always be your first step.
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    Phishing scams and the sketchy tricks of the online crime trade

    Banking-related phishing scams have spiked more than 2,500 per cent in the first half of 2020 alone in Singapore, with police warning of ...
  6. Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran

    Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran loses more than S$500,000 in phishing scam

    The businesswoman and investor lost the money to scammers from China who used an email address similar to her assistant’s.