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  1. Poster on African swine fever is seen outside a farm after the outbreak of the disease in Fangshan

    China reports new African swine fever outbreak on farm in Beijing with nearly 10,000 pigs

    China's agriculture ministry said on Monday it has confirmed a new African swine fever outbreak on a farm in capital city Beijing, as well as two ...
  2. Workers in protective suits are seen at a checkpoint on a road leading to a village near a farm whe

    China mulls stockpiling pork to support farmers hit by swine fever

    China may soon buy pork for its state reserves to support farmers struggling to sell their pigs amid an African swine fever epidemic that has ...
  3. Pigs are pictured at a farm on the outskirts of Kunming

    China finds African swine fever in country's south, fuelling supply worries

    China's three-month old outbreak of African Swine Fever has spread for the first time to the country's south, its major pork-consuming region, ...
  4. File photo pigs African swine fever China

    China culls 200,000 pigs due to African swine fever - official

  5. Chinese Vice Agriculture Minister Yu Kangzhen speaks at a news conference in Beijing

    China urges more oversight of large pig farms amid disease epidemic

    China's vice agriculture minister said on Wednesday that local governments should step up their oversight of large-scale pig farms and breeding ...
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    African swine fever hits China farm with 20,000 pigs as risks rise

  7. Asia Default Image

    China detains four for transporting pigs amid swine fever outbreaks

  8. Pigs are seen at a backyard farm on the outskirts of Harbin

    China's small farmers pose huge challenge in swine fever battle

  9. FILE PHOTO: Inspectors Ritina and Jermakovs prepare to process a check on a farm in the Rezekne reg

    Meat tracking key to fight African swine fever: OIE

    Tracking meat and meat products from pigs infected with African swine fever is key to fight the spread of the highly viral disease as it can ...