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  1. Swine fever -- fatal to wild boar and pigs but harmless to humans -- has cut a swathe through

    Philippines confirms first African swine fever cases

  2. FILE PHOTO -The cityscape of the Beijing Central Business District is reflected in a pond during su

    A flood of profit warnings from Chinese firms as slowdown bites

    Hundreds of listed Chinese companies - from hog farmers struggling to buy pig feed, to glassware makers unable to collect receivables - flagged ...
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    Key Cuban figure in Bay of Pigs victory dies at 95

  4. Asia Default Image

    African swine fever hits huge, foreign-invested Chinese farm

  5. Pig's feet are placed for sale at a market in Beijing

    African swine fever hits huge, foreign-invested Chinese farm

    China reported an outbreak of deadly African swine fever on a huge pig farm part-owned by a Danish investment fund, showing the spread of the ...
  6. Poster on African swine fever is seen outside a farm after the outbreak of the disease in Fangshan

    China reports new African swine fever outbreak on farm in Beijing with nearly 10,000 pigs

    China's agriculture ministry said on Monday it has confirmed a new African swine fever outbreak on a farm in capital city Beijing, as well as two ...
  7. Workers in protective suits are seen at a checkpoint on a road leading to a village near a farm whe

    China mulls stockpiling pork to support farmers hit by swine fever

    China may soon buy pork for its state reserves to support farmers struggling to sell their pigs amid an African swine fever epidemic that has ...