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  1. The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in London

    UK's Domino's Pizza to create 5,000 new jobs

    Domino's Pizza Group said on Tuesday it was creating 5,000 new jobs in the UK, including chefs and delivery drivers, on top of the 6,000 jobs it ...
  2. Lucali BYGB Singapore pizza

    Why is the hottest restaurant in Singapore right now a pizza joint?

    Less than a fortnight into its opening, Lucali BYGB – an offshoot of the famed restaurant in Brooklyn, New York – is thrumming with diners eager ...
  3. Client uses his mobile phone scans the QR code to place your order of a pizza with its ingredientes

    Pizza restaurant launches Spain's first virtual waiter app

    A restaurant on Spain's northeastern Mediterranean coast is pioneering a dining experience that allows customers to avoid most face-to-face ...
  4. People cut a 100m long margherita pizza made by Pellegrini's Italian restaurant as part of a c

    Lengthy pizza delivers funds for embattled Australian firefighters

    An Italian restaurant in Australia has made a 103 metre (338 foot) Margherita pizza to raise funds for firefighters battling bushfires.
  5. A Domino's Pizza sign sits on the top of a delivery car outside a restaurant in Los Angeles

    Domino's Pizza chairman Stephen Hemsley to step down

    Domino's Pizza Group on Tuesday said its long-serving Chairman Stephen Hemsley will step down from the board, four months after the British pizza ...
  6. Napoletana pizza at Pizzeria L'Operatta

    12 best pizza places in Singapore: Cheeseburger-style, classic Italian and a hawker stall

    Singaporeans really love their pizza – these are the joints to get a slice (or two) of the action.
  7. Travel guide to Naples, Italy

    Suits with a side of pizza and espresso: How to spend a weekend in Naples, Italy

    A city of glorious but tattered beauty, known for its vibrancy and, yes, a frisson of menace, Naples is now humming with visitors.
  8. Kaya durian pizza Pezzo

    Think cheese is smelly? How about a Mao Shan Wang durian pizza with kaya?

    Made with Mao Shan Wang durian, kaya, mozzarella cheese and corn, Pezzo's new Kaya Durian Pizza might put the “sin” in “Singaporean" food.