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  1. Police launch water cannon and tear gas outside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Fresh university clashes in Hong Kong as protesters hurl petrol bombs

    Fires blazed on the doorstep of a Hong Kong university into the early hours of Sunday as protesters hurled petrol bombs and police fired volleys ...
  2. Chinese soldiers participate in a military parade (1)

    Commentary: China’s military might is much closer to the US than you probably think

    China’s military budget is usually thought to be about 40% of that of the US. In reality it's about 75%, says University of Western Australia's ...
  3. Protesters block Hong Kong MTR train door

    Commentary: The Hong Kong protests seem to be escalating instead of fading away

    The protests have now spiralled into broader complaints and become more violent and unruly, says the Financial Times' Gideon Rachman.