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  1. Singapore restaurants that serve alternative meats

    Jackfruit 'ngoh hiang' and soy ‘kalbi’: Singapore restaurants serving alternative meats

    There’s more to plant-based meats besides Impossible burgers. Here are seven restaurants – including those famous for their meat-centric menus – ...
  2. David Yeung, the man behind OmniFoods

    This entrepreneur's plant-based business is backed by celebrities like Wang Leehom

    David Yeung, the man behind OmniFoods and Green Common in VivoCity, which serves Omni Luncheon Fries and Rendang Chicken Roti, tells CNA Luxury ...
  3. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Happiness Is Bespoke Lingerie

    Meet an American-Japanese chef and his invasive species menu, a lady who creates one-of-a-kind bespoke lingerie in Japan, and a home that ...
  4. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Ahead Of Their Time: Quorn & Impossible Foods

    Meatless meats are on a meteoric rise, projected to be a $1.5 billion dollar industry by 2022. Leading this wave of change in the way we eat are ...
  5. Talking Point
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    Ep 7: Plant-Based "Meat": Fad or Future?

    Plant-based "meats" are hailed as healthier and more environmentally-friendly than traditional meat. But are they really going to replace the meat ...
  6. Saving Our Planet
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    Saving Our Planet

    More people are switching to a plant-based diet. While many are doing it for health reasons, others are playing their part in saving mother earth ...
  7. Rachel Khoo

    Celebrity chef Rachel Khoo: Can eating a plant-based diet really save the world?

    In her new eight–part documentary podcast series, A Carnivore’s Crisis, Rachel Khoo weighs the arguments for and against plant-based diets, asking ...
  8. Food made with Sensationnal Vuna is pictured at Nestle research center in Lausanne

    Nestle launches vegan alternative to tuna

    Food giant Nestle is launching a new plant-based tuna alternative in Switzerland this month ahead of a global rollout, hoping that consumers ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: A banh mi sandwich made with a plant-based Impossible Pork patty at the Impossible Food

    Impossible Foods raises US$200 million in fresh funding

    Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods said on Thursday it secured US$200 million in funding, less than six months after it raised the largest ...