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  1. Gardening shears

    Commentary: Stop stealing my plants!

    Plant theft is not just a real and growing issue in Singapore, affecting scores of individuals, organisations, businesses and public parks, says ...
  2. Biophilic design HERO

    Singapore design experts: How to incorporate nature into your home

    To enhance your wellbeing at home, think green, think views and think holistic, say Singapore's top interior designers and architects.
  3. The Dior Prestige Lotion Essence de Rose is composed of a blend of the rose de Granville and its bud

    Why are floral extracts more beneficial for your skin than lab-grown ingredients?

    According to Dior Science’s skincare research facility, daily exposure to environmental stresses have resulted in plants – and flowers – evolving ...
  4. Don’t just put a single orchid in the corner; instead, try a grouping of plants

    Cooped up indoors, self-isolating? There’s a reason you don’t feel well

    If you don’t have enough contact with the natural world, there can be emotional and physical costs. But you can reduce stress by bringing the ...
  5. A woman holding a potted plant

    You can become an indoor plant parent even if you don't have green fingers

    The first step to becoming a successful plant parent is being honest with yourself about what kind of light you have and how much time you’re ...
  6. Heal me with plants HERO

    How quality of life is related to the relationship between people and plants

    Horticultural therapy, which uses gardening-like activities facilitated by a trained therapist to help patients feel better, is gaining traction ...