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  1. Silicon breast implants

    Breast implants linked to rare cancer recalled worldwide

  2. Shuhua Gidle no make up

    Commentary: 'Are you sick?' Why more South Korean women are doing away with cosmetics

    More women in South Korea are challenging old notions of having to keep up with appearances, says Steven Borowiec.
  3. Woffles Wu_1

    Poverty, plastic surgery and a traffic offence that hit the headlines: Dr Woffles Wu goes On the Record

  4. KJ KK

    How to look like an Asian Kylie Jenner ("butt" there’s a BIG catch)

    PSA alert: Don't do it.
  5. Bangladesh tree girl

    Surgery on Bangladesh 'tree girl' successful

    Sahana Khatun's doctors said they hoped to release the 10-year-old from Dhaka's Medical College Hospital within weeks after 'successful' surgery ...